Fire Fighting Equipment & Servicing

Servicing, Inspection and Re-certification, New Supply, Recharging, Hydro test, Supply spare 


Self Contain Breathing Apparatus
  • Cylinder
  • Set
Emergency Escape Breathing Device
  • Cylinder
  • Set
Medical Oxygen
  • Cylinder
  • Set
Lifeboat Air Cylinder


Fire Extinguisher – Cartridge/Stored Pressure
  • Powder
  • Foam
  • Wet Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide
Servicing, Inspection and Recertification, New supply, Pressure test
  • Air Analysis
  • Foam Analysis
  • Foam Concentration
  • Small Fire Test
  • Immersion Suit
  • Lifejacket
  • Chemical Suit
  • Fireman Suit

System Inspection & Recertification, blow through, System Weight Check, Yearly verification of ships fire control plans, New Supply of Cylinders, servicing complete system, nozzle blow through, System troubleshoot, Recharging, Testing of detection and evacuation systems, Supply and installation of all detection, Hydro test in accordance Imo Regulations.


Co 2 System

Foam System

Water Mist System

Galley System

Dry Powder System

Fire Alarm System

Gas Detection System

Smoke & Fire Detection System