WEICHAI-MAN L37/38 Marine Diesel Engine



WEICHAI-MAN L37/38 marine diesel engine series is introduced from German Man Company, the world’s first marine diesel engine brand, by signing license production agreement. This series uses an overall rigid design for high safety. The cylinder unit is ass

Product parameters

Series 4-Stroke、water cooling、In-Line、Supercharged and cold

Number of cylinders

Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 320×400mm Displacement 193.02/225.19/
specific lub-oil consumptio 182g/kW·h Oil consumption 0.5g/ kW·h
Start Mode Gas start Idling 300±50r/min
Noise ≤110dB(A) Smoke intensity ≤1.0Rb

Crankshaft rotation direction

(towards free end)

Clockwise/Anticlockwise Emission standard IMO TIER II


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